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Why Train at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate

There are many reasons why you or your children should train at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate. These benefits fall into the categories of physical, personal, recognition and self defense. These benefits can be applied to any student of any age from 5 to 75 (or older).

Physical Benefits
Karate is a physical sport, there are different benefits that can be realized from this perspective. The workouts are very intense and based on plyometrics (rapid muscle expansion and contraction). Among the physical benefits are:

* Cardio: The intensity of the workouts strengthen the heart and lungs and improve the overall cardio of the students.
* Flexibility: During the warm-up and cool down phases of the workout, core stretching is emphasized in order to increase flexibility and prevent injury.
* Strength: Specific drills during the workouts will strengthen the core muscle groups of the body, thus improving overall body strentgh.
* Balance/Coordination: The complexity of some drills will provide significant opportunities to improve balance and coordination.

Personal Benefits
Not only does training at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate provide significant physical benefits, the personal benefits are also quite valuable. Some of these benefits are:

* Confidence: Personal confidence is important to the development of person's overall mental attidude. As a student progresses through the training, their confidence will increase.
* Commitment: The longer a student trains at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate, the stronger their internal sense of commitment will become. This can carry over into their personal and professional life.
* Discipline: The structure of the classes promotes discipline in order to provide a strong learning atmosphere for all students. This discipline can carry over into a student's personal and professional life.
* Sense of Achievement: As a student progresses in rank and participates in Dojo related activities (i.e. tournaments), they will be given the opportunity for achievement.

As a student at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate, students will have many opportunities to be recognized outside the club. This recognition can improve a student's outlook and mental attitude about himself or herself. These types of recognition include:

* Demonstrations: Periodically, Chris Smith Shotokan Karate may be asked to provide demonstrations for different organizations (schools, chruches, etc.). Students will be selected to participate in these demonstrations based on their age, rank and commitment to training.
* Tournaments: Students will be given the opportunity to attend tourmaments hosted by other Karate organizations and approved by Chris Smith Shotokan Karate. These tournaments will give students the chance to test their skills against others and the instructors a chance to determine additional training for the students in the future.
* Media: Media outlets (TV, newspapers, etc.) periodically feature Chris Smith Shotokan Karate in their publications. Students will be given a chance to attend these functions or provide information for any articles.

Self Defense
Much of what a student learns at Chris Smith Shotokan Karate can be applied to "on the street" self defense situations. Our approach to self defense is as follows:

* Leave The Situation: First and foremost, any "on the street" situation can be dangerous. Students are taught to leave (run, walk, etc.) the situation first and foremost.
* Talk Your Way Out: If a student is unable to leave a situation, they are taught to keep their cool and try to talk their way out of the situation.
* Defend Yourself: Finally, if they cannot leave or talk their way out, they are taught to use what they have learned to defend themselves UNTIL they can leave the situation.