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      Shotokan Karate!
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TEAM SHOTKAN!       US - Pan American - World Bound!

So who is TEAM SHOTOKAN? TEAM SHOTOKAN is the competition team of Sensei Chris Smith. Sensei Smith heads up a group of enthusiastic students who want to compete in area tournaments. The goal is to take TEAM SHOTOKAN to these tournaments with the hope of eventually competing in the US Nationals, Pan-American and World Championships. Sensei Smith has trained thousands of students over the years and has always had some students go on to win Regional and the National tournaments. TEAM SHOTOKAN's mission is to provide full or partial funding of tournament costs to those students who will be entered in these karate events. This group's purpose is to provide a training facility, equipment, gear and other necessary items to these students so they can fulfill their goals in Shotokan Karate. ~Sensei Smith

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"Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a Champion!" ~ Sensei Smith  

That is the phrase you here at a Chris Smith Karate, along with many others. If you have ever taken a karate class with Sensei Chris, you know what I am talking about. Chris has an attitude that puts the philosophy of Shotokan Karate first. When you first start the class, Chris teaches courtesy, respect, discipline, and later comes commitment and confidence with the training. After a while you build strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Then one day you realize the confidence you have in yourself. It is a WOW moment. Chris's classes are not easy. You have to work for every belt. He pushes you every day, every week, every year and instills the karate philosophy into you. ~ Billy Jones

If you are an alumni of the club, a business owner or a parent of a student, come by the club and offer to help. We have a great group of kids that would like to compete in area competitions and could use some help getting there. Go to our CONTACT PAGE to see a map to us or fill out the comment form and have Sensei Chris give you a call.

"The most important self-defense technique is self-confidence." ~ Sensei Chris.

Help with a vision!

 Our vision is to have a fully equipped training facility where TEAM SHOTOKAN can train year round so we can compete in the US, Pan-American and World Nationals. We have the talent, now we need your help!